We have been incredibly pleased with the progress in literacy our children have made since working with Christine. Christine’s passion for teaching and the positive environment she creates has fostered in our children an enjoyment for learning.


Christine has been an amazing resource to us as parents, empowering us in our role as educators of our children, as well as providing support in collaborating with teachers and school systems.


Jason and Rachael Robertson

I love MS A. She teaches me how to spell words and then use them at school.

Phoebe, age 8 years

I have learnt a lot from Ms A. She has taught me easier ways to remember spelling rules and reading strategies that I now use in class.

Ethan, Age 10 years

Christine is a wonderful, encouraging teacher with an incredibly positive teaching style. She has been successful in re-engaging my son’s love of writing. He has gone from writing one sentence of rubbish to meaningful pieces of different styles and genres.

He looks forward to every lesson every Friday and to me that speaks volumes.

Leanne Hacker

I have been working with Christine for a year and half. She is awesome and has she given me the confidence and skills to read and write properly. I now have been able to complete all my assignments in my hairdressing course.


Rowan Lewis, age 18 yrs

My tutoring has helped me know lots of spelling rules and has given me confidence to be able to read in class out loud and write essays.

Tanicha Farrant, 14 years old Year 9