Spelling Tuition Tauranga

Many students that struggle with spelling are very bright smart children but lack the basic knowledge of letter sounds, patterns and rules.
(There are 26 letters , 43 sounds and over 1100 ways to spell these sounds no wonder it can be so daunting for many students.)

My spelling programme helps build students confidence and knowledge to spell words by providing students the opportunity to develop phonological (the ability to hear sounds and patterns in spoken words) and phonemic awareness skills (the ability to discriminate and manipulate between individual sounds or phonemes in words) by explicit teaching.

Rote learning often doesn’t work for students who have difficulty with spelling so a different approach needs to be tried.

Targeted areas of focus:

  • Build up high frequency word knowledge by using: mnemonics to remember words( could: oh you lucky duck) and clay
  • Dictation
  • Learning specific spelling rules
  • Phonemic awareness skills
  • Syllabification
  • Rhyming words
  • Phonics
  • Morphology- the spelling rules and conventions
  • Orthology- knowledge of spelling patterns, recognizing the different letters and letter patterns that represent the different sounds


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Spelling Tuition Tauranga
Spelling Tuition Tauranga