Teaching children with dyslexic tendencies

‘”A specific learning difference for any given level of ability, which may cause unexpected difficulties in the acquisition of certain skills” (Neil Mackay, 2005)


Many students I have worked with that display dyslexic tendencies are very bright, smart children but struggle with spelling, writing, reading, maths and because of this their self esteem and confidence in relation to their school work is very low.


My focus for these students is to:

  • Identify individual learning preferences i.e. visual, auditory and kinesthetic.
  • Show students a variety of strategies in which they are able to learn.
  • Teach students in a way that they can understand and learn.
  • Empower students by showing them what they know and build on from this.
  • Giving students the tools to be able to cope within the classroom by creating an awareness of how they learn, and being able to share this with others.
  • To work with classroom teachers to support the student within the classroom programme


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Dyslexic Tendencies